Our book contains category sections that match live web-site descriptions and always up-to-date within a month of any updates to the listing web-sites.

The I Love Weddings UK & Ireland Contact Book is a must have for bride and grooms to be, or wedding planners working within the UK and Irish Wedding services industry.

This is much better and more accurate than the competition because there are fewer deadlinks and contacts are based on currently live websites, saving you time searching for suppliers for your wedding.

This publication is the best guide for UK Wedding Supplier contacts. 


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You can download a book here or ask for a fact and proof read version at our contact page. 

The Contact Book Online

Below is a web copy of our book which you can immediately use while you wait for us to send the latest copy in pdf format.

For hard copies of the book we recommend printing the pdf using a express low volume printers such as www.digitalprinting.co.uk